What’s in a name?

Samkizevent  is Salsa Mayor Kizomba evenement. It’s  a concept  focused on the  Afrolatin social    dance and animation since more than 10 years. As Kizomba, Semba , Tarraxinha, Afrohouse we give  also Bachata, Merengue, Salsa ON 2 and  ON 1, classes .

The engine of those initiatives is Kizomba Mayor ( Michaelis ). His pedagogy  during the classes:

-Body control

-Posture and frame

-Leading and connection

-Knowledge of basic steps and figures

– Development of elegant and class style

The non profit organization  continues, by its structure and team, to offer a range of cultural and intercultural activities, such as  dance performances, teacher trainings, festivals, workshops, seminar,, travel organizations and festivals organizations.

Who is Kizomba Mayor?

Kizomba Mayor, from his real name Michaelis is at the beginning an  Afro dancer ( Ndombolo, kuduro, afrohouse…), born in Kinshasa/RD congo where he was naturally surrounded by African Musics and dance .

He dances Kizomba Bachata Salsa since more than 10 years and he has been performig  more than 6 years already. He is performer, event organizer and he gives regular classes well known in Belgium, Netherland , Germany and workshops in international congres and festivals.He discovered by chance Salsa and Bachata at brussel summer festival in 2006 through his friend who was also great salsa dancer and Kizomba through a cultural travel in Lisbon/ Portugal. He understood quickly that this dance style will be a great part of his life, that’s where he decides to learn from the master Salsa Loka dance school, Eddie Torres, Luis Vasquez,Kizomba DK, Mestre Petchu, Na Passada…

His passion and his pedagogy ‘s quality of dance lessons has already brought him in few countries of the world for performance , teaching and cooperation with Nathalie Na his partner from Germany and others events organization.